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Austin Headshot Photography by Charles Quinn Photography

Have you noticed that when you meet people with Covid 19 masks on at least half of the understanding, the empathy is gone? We don’t pick up on their smiles emotions and lose the ability to understand. Austin headshot photography removes the masks, enabling our extraordinary minds to understand other people. With a good headshot, what you see goes beyond words. A great headshot conveys your energy and personality, and it tells without words whether you can trust this person. It’s important that your headshot photo is current and looks like you now. An old image may feel flattering, but it is inauthentic and won’t encourage trust.

Austin Headshot Photography

According to Headshots By The Light Committee, a great headshot is created. It is made. You can get a good headshot from a phone or an entry-level camera. However, anyone can do that. To make a great headshot requires a professional photographer that is competent across three technical elements.

A professional photograph helps you feel good. With professional Austin headshot photography, you hire an expert who knows how to work with light and pose people to bring out your best. That means knowing that you look good increases your confidence, which can only be good for your business!

What Makes a Good Headshot – Regardless of the Subject?

If we grade the photographer’s performance on the four components of a great headshot, our grades can range from A+ to an F.

  • First, look for a capable photographer who is good, technically, and creative.
  • Second, the photographer needs to use an excellent camera with excellent lenses.
  • Third, that photographer needs to have a solid understanding of using studio strobe lighting, natural lighting, or a mix of both.
  • Fourth, that photographer also needs the experience to process photos via post-production software or applications.
  • Finally, To create a great headshot, the photoshoot should convey your personality. Great Austin headshot photography will include building rapport. The chemistry developed will show on camera. Overall, to create a great headshot, an individual or professional must convey a personality aligned with the brand.

So, when you search Austin Headshot Photography to get you the best headshots, be sure they include all of these five elements. The risk of missing even one is that the results drop from an A+ headshot to a B-rated one.

Who is the Owner of Austin Headshot Photography?

Charles Quinn lives in Buda, Texas, with his lovely wife Susan and their Goldendoodle. He has provided high-quality commercial photography services to Central Texas and beyond for over ten years, specializing in event, corporate, and architectural photography.

Trained in photography at Austin Community College, Charles’ technical knowledge of photography and his skill with utilizing multiple light sources allows him to capture exceptional images of people, places, and things for commercial clients.

Call Charles for an appointment or email Charles Quinn to discuss your event and photographic needs.

Phone: 512-627-2428