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by | Sep 1, 2022 | General Information

Austin Headshot Photography Studio - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

A good headshot photo shows the viewer who you are and hints at your personality through your expression and smile. If you want to look professional, your headshot photo shows that you take your career and business seriously. A quality profile photo from the Austin headshot photography studio will help potential clients identify you.

According to Adobe in The Art of Headshot Photography, a successful Austin headshot photography studio, shows you who someone is through a headshot. A headshot is a greeting. Headshots need to give the viewer the sense that they’re meeting someone, in a professional context, for the first time. Seeing a headshot should feel like an introduction that complements the text.

Austin Headshot Photography Studio

When did you last have your headshot updated? It’s important that your headshot photo is current and looks like you now. An old image may feel flattering, but it is inauthentic and won’t encourage trust. 

Here are three reasons why you need to make an appointment with a headshot photography studio this summer.

  • You can ruin your credibility. For example, you have a credibility problem if you say you have 30 years of experience, but your headshot shows you as a wet-behind-the-ears 22-year-old.
  • You can ruin your reputation. Today’s cameras have improved the quality of headshots. Unfortunately, when a potential client sees an old headshot that could be better, it reflects poorly on your business. They think your company lacks the resources to update your headshots and improve your brand, or they think you are lazy and lack the foresight to consider the importance of your headshot.
  • You can optimize your future. You built your company around your personal goals and decisions. Combine your image with your brand. For example, when you pick up a package of Jimmy Dean’s sausage, you always see a picture of Jimmy Dean.

Charles Quinn Photography

A professional Austin headshot photography studio is an expert at photography. They know how to work with light and pose people—knowing that you look good increases your confidence, which can only be good for business!

Second, the photographer needs to use an excellent camera with excellent lenses. Third, that photographer needs to have a solid working understanding of using studio strobe lighting, natural lighting, or a mix of both. Fourth, the photographer also needs the know-how to process photos via post-production software or applications.

Charles Quinn is that man. He owns the Austin headshot photography studio named Charles Quinn Photography and lives and works in Buda, Texas. He has provided high-quality commercial photography services to Central Texas and beyond for over ten years, specializing in event, corporate headshots, and architectural photography.

Trained in photography at Austin Community College, Charles’ technical knowledge of photography and his skill with utilizing multiple light sources allows him to capture exceptional images of people, places, and things for commercial clients.

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