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by | Jun 2, 2022 | General Information

Austin Business Photographer - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

Finding the right Austin business photographer is like finding the right hairstylist. You not only get what you pay for, but there is also an array of cheap, expensive, terrible, and awesome ones. It will require you to find the “right fit.” Disruptive could have said this, but they didn’t exactly.

Austin Business Photographer

In a world where any Joe Schmo can pick up a camera and call themselves a photographer, that leaves you, the business owner, at risk for expensive mistakes if you hire the wrong person for the job.. You need to look at a lot of websites to get a feel for an Austin Business photographer’s style.

Choosing The Right Photographer

Then when you have some choices in mind, you need to have a conversation to give them direction to capture things correctly.  When you make that effort, the photographer is grateful and the process runs a lot smoother! You will need to have a clear outline of the following things:

  • Seth Godin said, “Your brand is a story, a set of emotions and expectations and a stand-in for how we think and feel about what you do.
  • Buyers and their preferences and likes. In many ways, marketing requires you to stroll through a collection of “people” to figure out which one should be your target audience or “ideal person” based off of demographic information like race, gender, interests, etc..
  • The experience you want your Target Audience to have when engaging with you. Once we had identified our target buyer personas, we were able to create highly targeted keyword lists and ad groups specific to our different personas’ needs and motivations.
  • What do you want your Target Audience to take away from your Branding visuals? The problem is how to attract new customers and convince them to give you a shot, especially if they already have established relationships with other businesses.  Branding defines your business’s identity. It’s a mix of messages and actions that you’re intentionally putting out into the world and how your customers perceive you. Brand marketing leverages your branding to increase leads, interest, and sales.
  • How do you want to incorporate business competition elements and how you are different? When you can outline these for your photographer, you can easily see if there is a creative synergy between the two of you. A big red flag to note when hiring a business photographer is if they do not ask questions along these lines, as this is the key to making any business photography shoot successful!

With an Austin Business Photographer, the photographer you choose will have a great understanding of your needs, and cameras to bring out the best images to build your brand.

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