Event Photography Near Me

by | Dec 15, 2021 | General Information

Event Photography Near Me - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

Charles Quinn lives in Buda, Texas, and has photographed more events than you can imagine. He has been providing high-quality event photographs near me for over ten years. He specializes in event, corporate, and architectural photography.

Event Photography Near Me

Charles was there when your first child was born. He caught her first yawn and first snuggle with her mom. He was there at her first birthday party, her first school day, and her first-class picture – the one with a tooth missing in her smile.

Mr. Quinn was at the corporate event when dad received the award for top salesman of the year. He captured the happiness and pride on your dad’s face when he lifted the trophy high above his head. He was also in the crowd at your college reunion, capturing the excitement of the big win over your rival in the bowl game.

Charles can be there too when your daughter walks down the aisle on your arm or it’s time for your first grandchild.

Charles Quinn captures memories on film that will stay with you forever. Charles’ technical knowledge of photography and his skill in utilizing multiple light sources allows him to capture exceptional images of people, places, and things for events of all types.

Texas Outdoor Photography

You see, Charles is a photographer. As one, he does whatever it takes to create images with impact. If that means lying in mud or waiting in the heat of the day for the right moment, he’ll do it.

Many people don’t know that Charles is also an FAA-certified drone pilot. As such, he can capture events from the air. He loves to take photos and videos of backyard parties and large-scale outdoor events!

When the kids have left home, and it is time to downsize, Charles can be there with his drone to capture images of your home from the air to enhance the sale.

Mighty Big Clients

As a professional, Charles has worked with mighty big clients. Here are some to name a few:

American Express – Conference Photography
University Federal Credit Union – Corporate Photography
General Mills – Conference Photography
Zach Theatre – Event Photography
Austin Community Foundation – Event Photography
Axis Communications – Conference Photography
Urban Foundry Architecture – Architectural Photography
Jim Moran and Associates – Conference Photography
Simply Home Austin – Architectural Photography
Silicon Valley Bank – Conference Photography
GEICO – Conference Photography
US Bank – Conference Photography
Austin Smiles – Event Photography
Seton Foundation – Event Photography
The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas – Event Photography
Studio 74 Interiors – Architectural Photography
Castle Hill Partners – Event Photography
IBM – Corporate Photography
Boys and Girls Clubs of Austin – Event Photography

If you are looking for event photography, call for an appointment or contact Charles Quinn to discuss your event and your photographic needs.

Phone: 512-627-2428
Email: charles@cquinnphoto.com