Event Photography Austin

by | May 13, 2022 | General Information

Event Photography Austin - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

Are you looking for an event photographer? If you want event photography Austin – that captures your event as it happens and makes sure the emotional events, the fun, the joy, the tearful moments, and the option to make it into a photo album – then, you want the work of the talented Charles Quinn.

Charles has photographed more events than you can imagine. He has been providing high-quality event photography in Austin for over ten years. Trained in photography at Austin Community College, Charles’ technical knowledge of photography and his skill with utilizing multiple light sources allows him to capture exceptional images of people and places. Charles Quinn of Charles Quinn Photography captures memories on film that will stay in your family’s heart forever.

Do You Need Event Photography Austin?

You can hire a relative who gets great images of events with his iPhone. However, there’s no guarantee the photos will be what you want. Charles, an Austin event photographer, understands light, settings, and cameras to bring out the best images of your historic event. Make a wise choice. Once the event is over, a wrong choice will give you buyer’s remorse. You don’t want to think,” I wish we had gotten a photo of Jack and Jill’s terriers that Grandma loved.”

How to Choose a Photographer for Your Event

Your focus should be on quality, speed, reliability, professionalism, and price. You could add how the photographer will be assisting you in meeting your goals for your event. If quality is important to you, choose photographic talent that uses professional cameras. In addition, check the website to see if the person taking the photographs has a good eye that you like his style.

Finally, there’s a lot at stake with event photography, and your photographer is under a lot of pressure to meet your expectations. Have a conversation before you hire the event photographer to establish rapport and ensure there is a complete understanding of your needs.

We want to be your event photographer for life. We will be considerate of the mood of the event by being as restrained as possible while getting our shots, and we will not interrupt guests that are in the middle of a moment. If a guest is against having their photo taken, we will thank them for their time and wander off to the next shot. In addition, there’s nothing worse at an event than the constant intrusive flash of cameras that distract guests from enjoying themselves.

For more information, contact Charles at – phone: 512-627-2428 or email: charles@cquinnphoto.com