Event Photographer Austin

by | Mar 7, 2022 | General Information

Event Photographer Austin - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

You are twisting yourself into knots working on an upcoming event. You want to capture images of the historic event. You need an event photographer. An event photographer Austin is a person hired to photograph the storm of guests and occurrences in a creative way. The photographer takes images that paint a story and capture the energy and emotion of your weddings, christenings, naming ceremonies, parties, birthdays, formal dances, ceremonies, award ceremonies, funerals, meals, and engagements.

Event Photographer Austin

Before selecting an event photographer Austin, you will be snowed under with questions:

  • What are your requirements and what kind of event are you planning
  • Look at websites of multiple pros and choose one that matches your creative style.
  • Compare pros, ask questions and hire only when ready.
  • Ask if photographers offer remote or virtual services.
  • Ask if you can use digital payments to pay for wedding and event photography services.

What is the Average Photographer Cost

The average cost to hire a photographer is $100 to $250 per hour, depending on their skill level and location. For example, event photographers charge $150 to $250 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, while a wedding photographer costs $1,000 to $3,000 for 6-hours: a portrait photography photoshoot and print package run $150 to $300+. Headshots can run from $75 to $325.

Eventually, you will choose a photographer who knows that when he photographs a birthday party, she is trying to tell the story of that event with photos of the birthday cake, a bit of the pile of presents, or decorative touches throughout the space.

Choosing an Event Photographer Austin

You will want to choose a photographer who knows that candid shots of people have more of a narrative. For example, kids laughing and playing, the adults gushing over the beautiful birthday cake, the host hugging a guest upon arrival.

The photographer will want to meet beforehand with the hosts and include any requests for group photos; grandma with all the grandkids; the birthday girl with her best friend. Quality photographers will make you value your photos for years on end.

When the professional first arrives, you will sigh at her professionalism as she figures out the go-to settings for the entire event: indoors and tests settings for outdoors. This way, she will not miss a shot because of bad lighting.

Do You Need a Professional Photographer?

That’s the big question. In reality, you can get good images of the event from a phone or an entry-level camera. However, I use the same tennis racket as the pros, but that doesn’t make me an ATP contender!

With an event photographer Austin, you man will have a great understanding of light, settings, and cameras to bring out the best images of your historic event.