Austin Professional Headshots

by | Nov 1, 2021 | General Information

Austin Professional Headshots - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

When did you last have your headshot updated? Below are three reasons why you need to have updated Austin professional headshots as a priority for your business or brand.

  1. Don’t ruin your credibility. For example, you have a credibility problem if you say you have 30 years of experience, but your headshot shows you as a wet behind the ears 22-year-old.
  2. Don’t ruin your reputation. Today’s cameras have improved the quality of headshots. Unfortunately, when a potential client sees an old headshot that could be better, it reflects poorly on your business. They think your company lacks the resources to update your headshots and improve your brand, or they think you are lazy and lack the foresight to consider the importance of your headshot.
  3. Optimize your future. You built your company around your personal goals and decisions. People need to see you when they see your brand. For example, when you pick up a Jimmy Dean’s sausage package, you always see a picture of Jimmy Dean.

How Do You Get Great Austin Professional Headshots?

Your headshot creates the first impression. Therefore, it is vital to have a great image that represents you and creates interest with anyone who may be able to offer you a contract.

Do you need a professional photographer? That’s the big question. In reality, you can get a great headshot from a phone or an entry-level camera. However, I have the same frying pan as Gordon Ramsey, but that doesn’t make me a Michelin Starred Chef!

With Austin professional headshots photographer, your choice will have a great understanding of light, posing, and relaxation methods that will bring out the best in you. In addition, the professional will bring out something extra in your headshot, allowing you to stand out just enough to be called for casting.

  • Choosing a photography style – A wade through endless portfolios, you will see a vast range of styles in headshots. The styles are endless, from bright and breezy to dark and moody, pastel colors to super vibrant, color or Black & White.Essentially, this comes down to personal taste. If you like a photographer’s style, then that’s great. They will bring out the best in you in their photographic style. Some headshot photographers have a very fixed style, while others offer a real range in their shoots. It depends on what draws you.
  • How much should you spend on your actor headshots? There is a vast range of budgets to consider. The best advice here is to choose a photographer whose style you like, a personality you click with, and who is within your budget. Under most circumstances, “You Get What You Pay For.”
  • Average Photographer Cost – The average cost to hire a photographer greatly varies per hour, depending on their skill level, your requirements, and the photoshoot location.