Austin Event Photography

by | Apr 18, 2022 | General Information

Austin Event Photography - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

Anxiety always rises before a big event. You are in charge. Everything must be perfect for your event. You will want memorable pictures to bring back the joy of the moment. Before selecting a photographer, you will probably google Austin event photography and see examples of the creative styles that match your own. Then you might call and ask questions about their availability and costs.

Let Us Save You Some Time

Charles Quinn of Charles Quinn Photography works all over Central Texas and has photographed more events than you can imagine. He has been providing high-quality Austin event photography for over ten years. He specializes in event, corporate, and architectural photography. In addition, Charles Quinn captures memories on film that will last far beyond the actual event.

Trained in photography with years of experience, Charles’ technical knowledge of photography and his skill with utilizing multiple light sources allows him to capture exceptional images of people and events for a multitude of clients. As a professional photographer, he does whatever it takes to create images with impact. If that means lying in mud in the rain, or waiting patiently for the right moment, so be it.

Charles is also a FAA-certified drone pilot. As such, he can capture photos and videos of events from the air. For example, how would you like to have photos of the pool party or the graduation party in your backyard around the pool?

Choosing Austin Event Photography

To capture the little moments of every successful event, you’ll want to choose Austin event photography that showcases candid shots of people, because they show more of a narrative. For example, imagine attendees are gushing over the beautiful decorations, or yourself as the host greeting a special guest upon arrival.

Charles will want to meet beforehand with the hosts and receive any special requests for memorable photos of the event. Quality photographers produce photos and memories that you value for years to come.

When Charles arrives before the event, he gets to work to figure out the go-to settings for the entire event: indoors or outdoors. His meticulous planning, reflective of his many years of experience, ensure that you receive the best possible photographs of the event.

Do You Need Professional Photography?

In reality, you can take photos of an event from a phone or any entry-level camera. However, there is certainly no guarantee the photos will be what you wanted, or be anywhere near the quality that a professional photographer produces. With an Austin event photographer like Charles, you can be sure that you will receive the best images of your historic event, because he understands lighting, settings, and timing to bring out the best in people being photographed.

Make a wise choice. Once the event is over, a wrong choice in photography will give you buyer’s remorse.

For more information, contact Charles today!