Austin Commercial Photography

by | Apr 7, 2022 | General Information

Austin Commercial Photography - photo by Charles Quinn Photography

What is commercial photography or specifically Austin commercial photography? Usually, a brand or a company employs a commercial photographer to promote its products or services. For example, with Ansel Adams, most would say that he is a landscape photographer. But, when he was working for the Department of the Interior to photograph national parks for advertising purposes, it would be more accurate to describe him as a commercial photographer.

Austin Commercial Photography

Austin commercial photography involves taking photographs of products or individuals used to sell the product or service. So, for example, you could be shooting fashion models in designer gear for an advertisement or anything else that might appear on a business website, literature, or advert.

You could use commercial photography to take images of interior or external residential or commercial buildings. Then, you would use those images to sell the property or appear on company websites. 

It isn’t easy to pin down a commercial photography definition. For example, some people would say it only applies to advertising shots, but others include catalog work and e-commerce shots.

Types of Commercial Photography

Let’s take a look at some of the categories of commercial photography there are:

Advertising – This genre of photography includes images promoting a product or service used in billboards, posters, magazine pages, online adverts, product catalogs, etc.

Website Images – All images used to promote a new product launch or included with a press release

Catalog and Sales Images – These will be images of a product in use. For example, a clothing brand will want models wearing the clothes.

Product Images – Any images which go on the packaging, including products you may not think of at first: CD and DVD covers, tags, instructional guides, and so on.

Grow Your Business

If you are a business owner, commercial photography is essential to growing your business. If you want to sell your products or services online, you need high value-added content and stunning imagery. Images help us to visualize what we will receive. Without that reassurance, most people won’t buy. 

The difference between good and great commercial photography can also make a big difference to your sales. Great images make people want to finalize that sale right away. Poor photos might sabotage the deal. That’s why it’s always worth shelling out for the right photographers who know what they are doing.

Do You Need Professional Austin Commercial Photography?

That’s the big question. In reality, you can get good images of the event from a phone or an entry-level camera. However, you can use the same camera as famous photographers, but that doesn’t make you Annie Leibovitz.

With Austin commercial photography, your photographer will have a great understanding of light, settings, and cameras to bring out the best images to build the image of your brand or sell your property. So when you’re ready for one of the best commercial photographers in Austin, give us a call at 512-627-2428 or contact us!